Somalia: Newly- Appointed Cabinet, their Background and Group Affiliates

imageSomalia Observatory -Somalia’s Prime Minister announced his new cabinet late on Tuesday night appointing the least quality individuals that will make the weakest-cabinet in the History of Somalia.

Mr. Sharmarke named 20-cabinet mainly political novices to avoid the rejection of the Somali MPs on both sides, but who are the ministers that PM Sharmarke wants to endorse the lawmakers ?

Mohamed Omar Arte, was named Deputy Minister and Minister of labor, sports and Youth. Arte hails from Sa’ad Muse [Noah Ismael , Habar Gadid] of Isaq’s sub-clan of Habar Awal and a well-known senior member of Central Intelligence Agency or CIA, according to WikiLeaks reports.

The Cabinet is included only three women. Khadra Bashir Ali, who hails from Darood Sub-clan of Leelkase, named Minister of Education. Ms Ali, a Somali Canadian, is a close-friend of the PM sharmarke and founder of an NGO.

The second one, Hawo Hassan Mohamed , who hails from Rahabweyne sub-clan of Hadamo, named Minister of Education. A UK-citizen , Ms. Mohamed was a manager for the “Go to School project.”

The third of them, Sahra Mohamed Ali Samatar, who hails from Gaboye also known as Midgan , was named Minister of Women and Human Rights.

Ms Samatar , a daughter of former Somali Lieutenant General and Prime Minister for the regime of Somali Supreme Revolutionary Council from 1 February 1987 to 3 September 1990.

Said Hussein Eed, named Minister of Animal Husbandry and Environment. Mr. Eed hails from Meheri sub-clan of Arab Saleh.

Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein, who hails from Saleebaan Habar Gidir sub-clan Hawiye and he was a General Manager of the Simad University in Mogadishu, was named Minister of Interior and Federal Affairs. (The University is owned by President Hassan and the outgoing Minister of Justice, Farah Sh. Abdulkadir Mohamed.)

Mr. Hussein is one of the cadre of the President’s party. He is accused of robbing SYL hotel and his appointment of the office widely-interpreted as a new tactic of the President’s Islamic party.

Hussein will do any means to make Abdikarim Hussein Guled, who previously served as Minister of Interior and Minister of National Security, a president for the Central State of Somalia (CSS), a federal member state that is at the time being the process of its formation, however, Somali commentators said it would be impossible to happen.

If this plan does not work for Damul Jadid, Mr. Hussein will resign to give a chance for his fellow tribesman, Abdikarim Guled, after few months of his ministerial service.

Ali Hassan Hassan Osman, named Minister of Agriculture. Mr. Osman hails from Tuuf, Garre sub-clan of Digil and he is an active member of President’s Islamic party of Damul Jadiid.

Mohammed Mukhtar Ibrahim, who hails from Galjecel Sub-clan of Hawiye, was named Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources. Mr. Ibrahim also is a member of President’s Islamic Party of Damul Jadiid.

Hassan Ahmed Mudey, was named Minister of Industry and Commerce. Mr. Mudey hails from Jareerweyne sub-clan of Shiidle.

Salah Sheikh Osman Muse, who hails from Digil and Mirifle sub-clan of Gelledi , was named Minister of Social Affairs and Reconstruction.

Ahmed Hassan Gabobe, was named Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs. He hails from Biyamal [Gadsan] sub-clan of Dir, He is a former Islamic Extremist and a member of the Cancelled Islamic Union Court, During Itihaad al Islamiya, he fought against former Puntland President Abdullahi Yusuf in Bosaso and Ethiopia’s Ogaden region.

His nickname is Ugas Bile and known a pro-secessionist stand of Somaliland. Mr. Gabobe is linked participating in the fights in Defow, Kabhanley and Lower Shabelle amid to establish Dir hegemony in the Southern parts of Somalia.

Mohamed Adan Ibrahim “Fargeti”, who hails from Rahanweyne subclan of Disow, was named the minister of Finance. Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Osman Jawari, nominated his office, but he won’t be able to manage this office effectively,because he has no experience of running the office of finance.

The Defense Minister was named Abdulkader Sheikh Ali Dini, who was the country’s national army commander from 2010 to 2012. Dini hails from Darood sub-clan of Harehan and a close-friend for the President’s Islamic Party of Damul Jadid.

Abdisalan Hadliye Omar, who hails from Dir [Makahil] sub-clan of Gadabursi , the former governor of Somalia’s central bank, was named foreign minister.The governor announced his resignation following UN Monitoring Group’s report, which alleged the central Bank becoming a slush fund for private payments with Somali Federal Government.

Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir, was named Minister of Ports and Marine Transport. Mr Dahir hails from Hawiye [ Reer-Aw Mahdi] sub-clan of Rer-Aw Hassan. He is former Al Jazeera reporter and believed to be an important official for the Qatar Intelligence Service in Somalia, specially Mogadishu.

The reason behind his appointment is said to be a bridge to return to the office for the outgoing Minister of Justice, Farah Sh. Abdulkadir Mohamed, which the MPs warned a week ago to be added in the list of the new cabinet for playing a vital role in the ousting of the two Prime Ministers, following political dispute with the president .

Abdirahman Yusuf Ali Aynte, was named Minister of Planning and International Cooperation. Mr. Aynte hails from Hawiye sub-clan of Murusade and he is Director of Heritage Institute .He is Ex-Al Jazeera, BBC and VOA journalist. He is a member of Islamic party of Ala Sheikh.

Nur Farah Hirsi , who hails from Isaaq sub-clan of Habar Yonis, was named Minister of Constitutional Affairs. He was Somali Ambassador in Malaysia and previously served an active member of the Islamic Party of Gurmad, Somaliland and he also a member of Damul Jadid. Unfortunately, he did not compromise the pro-secessionist stand of Somaliland yet he is trusted to run Somali national constitution.

Guled Hussein Abdikader Kasim, who hails from Ogaden sub-clan of Absame , was named Minister of Information and Telecommunication. Guled’s father was patriot and former Minister of Mines and Energy for the late Somali Central Government of Siad Barre. Mr. Kasim was a lawyer and most of his time studied in the country.

A former foreign Affairs Minister, Ali Ahmed Jama Jangali, was named Minister of Air transport and Aviation. Jama belongs to Dhulbahante sub-clan of the Darood.He was accused of corruption during his tenure in the Somali Transitional government of Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed’s government (between 2004 and 2012).

Finally, Abdirisaq Omar Mohamed, who hails from Hawadle sub-clan of Hawiye, was named Minister of Energy , Water and Natural Resources. He is a kinsman for the President and he served the government of Abdi Farah Shirdon between 2012 and 2013.

Source SomaliaObservatory

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