Every year on 8 March, the world celebrates International Women’s Day


Every year on 8 March, the world celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD).

IWD provides a common day for globally recognising and applauding women’s achievements as well as for observing and highlighting gender inequalities and issues. But not just on IWD, but all year round, many organizations and individuals work tirelessly to support gender equality through a multitude of initiatives, causes and actions.

This section of the website is dedicated to providing information about gender initiatives worldwide aimed at promoting women’s equality and assist women to reach their full potential.

Publish a page on internationalwomensday.com featuring your activity and its success. Simply register or log on to your ‘My IWD‘ account and select the ‘My Page‘ option.

Over 500 pages have been published and are being actively promoted by their organizations. Here are a few examples of what some organizations are doing to support women and International Women’s Day.

Corporations supporting women:
– internationalwomensday.com/kronosinc
– internationalwomensday.com/grantthornton
– internationalwomensday.com/erac
– internationalwomensday.com/allianz
– internationalwomensday.com/africandevelopmentbank
– internationalwomensday.com/scotiabank
– internationalwomensday.com/eon

– internationalwomensday.com/UKgovernment

– internationalwomensday.com/wagggs/
– internationalwomensday.com/joinmeonthebridge
– internationalwomensday.com/oxfamamerica
– internationalwomensday.com/give2girls
– internationalwomensday.com/sparetyre
– internationalwomensday.com/salmmah
– internationalwomensday.com/cadfa
– internationalwomensday.com/speakupforwomen
– internationalwomensday.com/brightonwomen’scentre
– internationalwomensday.com/zaharawomen
– internationalwomensday.com/womenslibrary

Small Businesses:
– internationalwomensday.com/workyourway
– internationalwomensday.com/fmamre
– internationalwomensday.com/girlsnightout
– internationalwomensday.com/autumngem

Networks and Associations:
– internationalwomensday.com/theiet
– internationalwomensday.com/coppertino

– internationalwomensday.com/confidencisbeautiful
– internationalwomensday.com/joinwomenonthebook
– internationalwomensday.com/sagarika

– internationalwomensday.com/cosmopolitan
– internationalwomensday.com/diplomatic_courier

To publish a page, click here.

Some of the biggest media, charity, government and corporate International Women’s Day activity last year in 2011 included:

– Huffington Post’s Ariana Huffington & other IWD influential women bloggathon

– Australia Post’s International Women’s Day Centenary special commemorative stamp

– President of the USA, Barack Obama’s IWD 2011 Presidential Proclamation

– Women for Women International’s Join me on the Bridge campaign

– The United Nations ‘UN Women Australia’ International Women’s Day Breakfasts

– EQUALS partnership of charities video starring James Bonds’ Daniel Craig

– BBC World Service’s International Women’s Day global round up

– Oxfam’s Get Together With Friends campaign

– Thomson Reuters’ International Women’s Day slideshow

– The Guardian’s TOP 100 Women initiative’s

– Deloitte’s International Women’s Day Toolkit

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