Solidarity message to FESTU – Nine public transport workers shot dead by militants in South Somalia



HTUR/FW 16 August 2011
Solidarity message to FESTU – Nine public transport workers shot dead by
militants in South Somalia

Dear M. Faruk,

On behalf of its 305 affiliates worldwide, the ITUC wishes to express its solidarity with
the Somali labour movement after having received the appalling news of the killing of
nine public transport workers in the town of Afgoye, 30 kilometers south of Mogadishu.
The killing of six drivers and three conductors of mini buses which are used for public
transportation for commuters between Mogadishu and Afgoye by the islamist militants of
Al-Shabaab is shocking and unacceptable. It is known that Al Shabaab has been
financially weakened since a series of recent developments, and is therefore recurring to
extortion of public transport workers and business people in the areas they still control.
The fact that they accused the public transport workers of not fasting during the holy
month of Ramadan after they refused to give in to extortion makes their whole act even
more criminal and deplorable.
The ITUC hereby renews its support for the Federation of Somali Trade Unions, and
wishes to convey its condolences to FESTU and the families of the workers. It is very
much aware of the nearly impossible circumstances in which Somali workers have to try
to make a living every day, and reiterates its commitment to assist their unions in their
brave and ongoing strugg

Full story:.ituc-csi. 

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