Somali Federation of Trade Unions.

Xiriirka Guud ee ururada shaqaalaha Soomaaliyeed

(Report of Somali Federation Trade Union Activities the last 6 Months)

Date: 13/12/2011

As you are aware on 13st Dicembar 2011, started from zero how to re-establish the Somali Fderation Trade Union. We began to register Small Trade Unions such as Blacksmiths, Fisheries, Transportation, Teachers, Stone Producers and many others. We met with much constraint which are:

Challenges encountered

 The labourers we want to construct new labourers who do not understand what Somali trade union federation are.
 As we have been forming Small Trade Unions we revealed that four associations have one similar profession like teachers. And the media who are the extreme ones.
 The other challenge is the lawless and conflicts presence in Country.
 After registration it was elected transitional committee containing chairman, vice chairman that was presented by the minister of labour and Human Development Resource Mr. (Mohamed Abdi Hayir) and started the elected committee working to hire one office and one Laptop owned by the chairman. They rented of the room was paid those who comprehend something. We operated how to get seminars for the new labourers inside and outside of the country. We held in the country up to three seminars of which each attended by 42 people and the reason that caused the less number was that we could not pay the transportation and the labourers that the international agencies contribute to the seminars much money. 
 We obtained abroad seminar from Arab general trade union federations which was held in Djibouti and attended by 15 people pertaining the executive committee of 
Somali Trade Union and gained a lot of profits. In that seminar was attended by Senior Officers from World Federations Trade Union Adib Miro.

The General Arab Trade Union General Secretary Mr. Rajab Ma’touk, The coordinator of foreign affairs of Sudan Trade Union, Yemeni Trade Union coordinator and a member from the Arab Labour Union headed by Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Luqman and the seminar was conducted and deputed by the General Arab Trade Union General Secretary Mr. Rajab Ma’touk and the cost was contributed by the General Arab Trade Union.

The seminar was presented as observer by the chairman of Djibouti Trade Union Mr. Abdow. Finally we all met the Prime Minister of Djibouti Delayta Ahmed Delayta.

 We also held to put intervention discussion among the labourers working in Mogadishu port particularly the stevedores who brought to us claim. We discussed the issue from the manager of the port and minister of labour and later on it was solved.
 We are now going on the formation of election regulations and local laws that we want to be held the elections within 2 years. We are also in plan if we get support to travel to regions and districts especially Puntland and Central regions to make Somali regional trade union. We now intend to seek seminars TOT who provide training to the labourers of private sectors and those from the government to make them understand the value of Somali trade union and its objectives.
 We are meeting with the government responsible and the private agencies to make them understand the value of Somali trade union
 We made in this year action plan of two parts of which one is one year and one of five years. We want to make the members ID cards to be identified and now there is registration.
 We want to start awareness programmer releasing from the local media participating the chairman and two other members of those previously worked in Somali Federation Trade Union.

All the organization and agencies concerning to the matters of labour envelopment and protection of labour rights request to act something with us the restoration of Somali Federation Trade Union Federations.

NB: We thank the general Secretary of Arab general trade union federations Mr.Rajab Ma’toukWe also thank the general secretary World Federation of Trade Unions Mr. Geoge Mavrikos

Thank you

Mr. Abdirizak Moallim Elmi
The Transitional Chairman of 
Somali Federation of Trade Union

Full story:.ituc-csi. intimidation. 

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